Hey, I'm Michael. Nice to Meet You!

I'm a lifelong lover of writing and storytelling; my first story was The Tale of Dynamo Dog which I wrote when I was 8, and I've been writing ever since. I live and breathe stories because I think they're what make us human.

Today, I write many different types of content but my expertise is in crafting consumer-oriented content about credit cards, banking, identity theft, and cybersecurity. I've been quoted in outlets like Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, The International Business Times, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

I have experience writing news stories covering data breaches and technology related topics, as well as experience writing engaging and actionable B2C content that educates audiences on financial products and services. I'm also familiar with SEO best practices and knowledgeable about some of the ways businesses can make content social media friendly.

When I'm not writing for clients or writing fiction, you can find me working on any number of personal projects. I'm an autodidact and I love teaching myself things for fun. In college, I learned how to use a digital audio workstation to compose orchestral soundtracks and I learned about the basics of video editing in Adobe Premiere. Currently, I'm teaching myself web design ‑ by coding websites like this one ‑ and graphic design by making t-shirt graphics in Photoshop.